Vitamin & Mineral Premix

Vitamin & Mineral Premix is essential elements for the animals. It helps on growth promotion, improvement of feed efficiency, milk and meat production, strengthened resistance of the body.

Milk Replacers

We offer milk replacers for different animal growing stage. Our milk replacers are based on 100% vegetable fats and produced according to the spray-dried production system. The spray-dried production system makes the fat 's particle size is fine and easy to be soluble and digested by the small animals.

Di-Calcium Phosphate

The phosphorus and calcium help strengthen animal bone structure and accelerate growth.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate in food grade & feed grade.

Water Soluble Multi-Vitamins

During stress and diarrhea situation, electrolyte balance gets altered and metabolic system requires immediate correction of such disorders.

Rumen Yeast

Live yeast can improve rumen micro ecological environment and increase the feed efficiency and good growth performance to the animals.

Mineral Salt Blocks

Mineral salt blocks was designed to 

help meeting the salt and trace element 

requirements of most livestock.