Flavor & Sweetener

Flavor and Sweetener are available for each species and each stage of animal as an appetizers for improving the palatability and feed intakes.


The use of acidifier enables limitation of the development of pathogenic flora in feeds and in water, optimizing digestive function by promoting beneficial acidophilus bacteria. 

Sweet Whey Powder

Sweet whey powder is made from fresh, pasteurised whey, which is derived from cheese production. The whey is concentrated and subsequently spray-dried.

Amino Acids

Amino acids play multiple roles in pig health and performance. The amino acids support an immune response and growth. 

Mycotoxin Adsorbent

Mycotoxin binder & adsorbents is an additives which has the effects on growth performance, nutrient retention and meat quality in pig fed on mould-contaminated feed. 

Garlicin Powder

Garlicin is used as animal feed additives & stimulants for pig-raising, pork production, swine industry to enhance pig's appetite and digestion. Protecting pig from swine dysentery, pneumonia, enteritis, coliform bacteria and other diseases.